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Who We Are

The Hambrick Corporation is a consulting and business advisory firm in Georgia. Our backgrounds in public safety and executive level management provide the foundational constructs for the work we do in government advocacy and business advisory services. We are focused on providing the most innovative thinking and highest quality results for your organization.

What We Do

The Hambrick Corporation leverages its extensive private and public sector expertise to provide comprehensive solutions for our clients. These solutions range from government relations, performance measuring and management, business advisory services such as project management, team building, and leading executive teams towards achieving organizational goals.


Internal and External Controls

Today’s corporate and civic environments are unpredictable. Effective results compels both direct and indirect strategies, clear communication, bold thinking, and impactful solutions. We provide a unique model of engagement and advocacy that ensures success for our clients. Our comprehensive approach to addressing the needs and priorities of our clients include:


We fully conceptualize the objective and organizational goals desired to be achieved


A complete evaluation and appraisal are conducted to obtain knowledge of the status of the team/project which is then used to formulate a plan for success.


The strategy is executed for optimum level returns.


Complete and manage the goals attained for proper usage.


We reflect with key leaders’, tools realized during the process that can be re-engaged for future use.

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